Dado Woodworking
Woodworking is a craft I love because it enables me to design and make objects that define and improve a space with materials that are locally available, sustainably harvested, salvaged from previous construction, and always unique.

Working Together
The design process can take time--both mine and yours. Together, we will discuss your objectives to arrive at the design criteria: the object's functions, your aesthetic goals, material preferences, and budget. From those criteria, we will envision the piece(s) together; then I will draw up a design from which the piece(s) will be made.

My rate is $40/hr. for the time I spend working on your commission: the consulting, designing, building, installing, or delivering of your work.

Whenever possible, I transport wood, tools, and finished work with my bicycle and trailer.

Materials, supplies, and gas mileage are charged in addition to my hourly rate.
Woods I Use

Salvaged Wood--from previous construction

Walnut--locally harvested and milled

Maple--locally harvested and milled

Pine--locally harvested and milled or FSC certified

Cedar--locally harvested and milled (for outdoor projects)

Domestic Cherry

Maple Plywood--formaldehyde free; domestic

Birch Plywood